Easter writing competition

Next term some classes will be adopting a variety of magnificent animals. With this in mind, the writing competition asks an important question. Why should we protect these animals? Are animals as important as us and what should we be doing to prevent their extinction? To win the completion you can either:
Write similes or metaphors using the two videos to compare and contrast ourselves and our lives with those of animals.
Write an argument or debate style sentences arguing for or against the protection of these endangered species.

Animal Kingdom from Whetley Academy on Vimeo.

Congratulations Mr Conroy!

I hope everyone was watching the London Marathon this morning trying to spot our very own Mr Conroy blazing ahead in his usual green, white and orange colours. He raised an amazing £2000 for the ‘Whizz Kids’ charity which provides wheelchairs and equipment for disabled children. Way to go Mr C!

photo Congratulations Mr Conroy!