Castle Whetley

There are always new and exciting changes at Whetley but this term a castle appeared in Year 5! It’s an amazing new learning area built by Mr Jackson and fit for a king (or a group of hard working children). It is missing a flag at the moment so if you would like to design a Whetley flag then please bring any pictures to class 5P and your design may be the one flying over the battlements soon.
WP 20140915 08 34 24 Raw Castle Whetley


Class 4P have been listening to and writing their own football commentary. If you’re a football fan have a listen for all the verbs and adverbs used by the commentators the next time you watch football. Meanwhile sit back and watch and listen to Brazil lose courtesy of Mohammed, Shabee, Alisha, Zahra, Faris and Hamaad.

Brazil v Germany from Whetley Academy on Vimeo.