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Year 6 Maths


Calculation 8.10.16
Calculation 8.10.16 (1)



square and cube to 10

maths revision
maths revision2
maths revision3matholia 15.4.16


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  • Amina

    Tomorrow do we come in non-uniform for nell bank

  • mulli

    do u remember me miss u sla

  • back in the days mohib and roshan

    you alright miss s

  • saif

    miss I want some more homework plz for the next holidays {MATHS ONLY} I LOVE MATHS

    • Miss S

      Hello Saif

      Have you finished all the Matholia tasks I’ve set for you? Last time I checked you hadn’t completed them 😉

      Miss S

    • Zymal

      I love maths too but still dont like homework

  • zahra khalifa 6S

    Miss S I love your class because it is amazing and awesome you are the best and spectacular (I can’t think of any adjective) teachers ever!!!!!!!!!!!

  • martin priganc

    hello mrs stevenson how are you?

  • Fatima Ghulam Khan 6S miss Stephenson's class

    Miss s when are we going to have matholia homework I am just wanting to know and are me ,saif, yahya,faiqa,zainab And nida going to have a lunchtime booster on Monday 31ST OF OCTOBER only ? I wish we continue to have arithmetic tests they:re awesome!!!!!!!!!!
    Please reply.
    O yeah miss STEPHENSON BTW(BY THE WAY)have you chosen a winner of the notes about the new law topic AND MAGISTRATE COURTS because I really want to know. If u have can you please announce it on MONDAY 31ST OF OCTOBER AFTER THE HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…. THE WINNER GETS A 10POUND VOUCHER IS WHAT U SAID hope you’re having an awesome holiday !!

  • zahra khalifa 6S

    Miss Stephenson, I have wrote a lot of maths stuff in my homework book it is so easy!

  • zahra khalifa

    I am exited for the trip to Whitby abbey and today is Sunday and today we are going shopping to buy my things which are: new coat new packlunch bag/I am not getting the one that you have to hold it on your hand food items and I already have comfortable shoes and I’m getting a comfortable coat that is warm and it might be fluffy!!

  • zahra khalifa

    The 3 one is so hard by the way I have done my homework for this Monday hope you are proud of it!

  • Fatima Ghulam Khan

    Miss Stephenson I have learnt everything on this page! Can you teach more about dividing 2 fractions together and dividing 1 fraction with a whole number bym!!

    • Fatima Ghulam Khan

      Sorry miss Stephenson I got a mistake I said bym instead of bye

      By the way can you reply to my comment!

  • yumna

    miss i done typing the new website you sent us but is not working it says that there isn’t one

    • Usman Arshad Former Student

      Hi Miss S Its been quite a long time since i have been in contact because i have been busy with school work. Im heading into year 9 and hope to get good results here are my levels
      6c science
      6b history
      6b geography
      5a maths 🙁 My math has al been poor
      6c English
      I hope to get better levels and tel e what u thin Miss s

  • faris 6s

    Miss S can you tell me my my maths password and username.

    • Miss s

      I’ve sent your log in and password via text to your parents phones. Check on there Faris.

      Miss S

  • hamaas khan

    I don’t think you’ll remember me but I was in your class 3 years ago when I had you and miss green.ill give you a clue my friends were danyal and fakhir and you will see my name

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