At Whetley Academy we are proud of our blog. Here are the rules that keep us safe and make the blog a great place to share our thoughts and ideas

Pupils must:
•Only use your first name or the first name of other pupils you are talking about in a blog post
•Always ask the people in a photo for their permission before you put it into a blog post
•Use appropriate language. Try to show off your best work/writing whilst blogging and use the tips people suggest to you to improve
•Always think before you post (if in doubt leave it out!). Try to post about things that your audience would like to read
•If you receive a comment, it is polite to respond, say thank you and reply to a question if they have left one
•Comment on other people’s posts too. Blogging is about commenting and posting!
•If your post doesn’t appear straight away, you teacher might be busy, do be patient
•Respect other people’s ideas and opinions. It is okay to disagree; it is not okay to be disagreeable
•If you see anything that shouldn’t be on your screen, do tell your teacher or parents immediately

Pupils must not:
•Never give out your address or phone number or any personal details. Try to blog safely
•Never identify yourself or another pupil shown in a photo
•Filenames of photos must not contain the name of any pupils
•Never give out your log in details to anyone
•Don’t be rude or horrible about anyone or anyone’s work
•Don’t post pictures of yourself without specific permission from your teacher or parents
•You must not add your full name or add a new nickname in your blog profile. Your profile has been set to ensure that you remain safe online

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