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  • yumna [old] 6s

    Hi Miss S ,I am going to year 8 and I’m scared. Year 6 was so great and it was especially fun when we had to do competitions, the straw challenge to make the highest building and it was so much fun when you got soaked and you did not even know, ha. I miss year 6 so much and I might visit soon.BYE

  • zahra khalifa 6S

    A story by Zahra.
    The Silly Willy Billy Goats.

    Once upon a toilet in a stinky dump under a bridge, lived a grumpy old Troll. BURRP! He was the grumpiest, dumpiest, lumpiest Troll you could ever hope NOT to meet. When somebody crossed his bridge he would get really angry and antagonized. but if somebody crossed his bridge when he was having a nap the Troll would go right off his… trolley!! Then he would eat them, wheels and all. Like this: Crunch, nice lunch!! Of course, the Troll had no friends at all. Now, on the other side of the bridge, in a green valley sprinkled with daisies, lived three silly goats. Their names were Big Tough Billy Goat Gruff, Nanny the Granny and Sid the Kid, but everybody called them the Silly Willy Billy Goats. The Silly Willy Billy Goats loved to kid around. The Silly Willy Billy Goats loved to play the goat. The Silly Willy Billy Goats loved to tease the Troll. “They really get the goat!” One day the Silly Willy Billy Goats were having a big daisy breakfast, when Sid the Kid had an idea. “I want to have a party!” “Good idea! You can have a party, Sid.” “I will be the bell of the ball.” From under the bridge, the horrible Troll could hear the goats giggling and gaggling and planning Sid’s party. It made him MORE GRUMPY THAN EVER. Sid the Kid made some party invitations. It took a long time because the goats had LOTS of friends. Then he set off to deliver the invitations. Sid the Kid went across the bridge: Trippety, trap! Out came the Troll. “Who is walking on my bridge?” “It is only me, Sid the Kid. “I will eat you for my lunch!” But Sid the Kid was very clever. He reached in his sack and pulled out an invitation. He gave it to the Troll. it said: Sorry to butt in! The Silly Willy Billy Goats are having a PARTY and you are invited. Where: Daisy field near the Trolls place.

    miss I am going to finish it off tomorrow because I’ve to eat my dinner and go to bed.

    • Mrs Brown

      I like the humour you have used so far, e.g. ‘loved to kid around’. I look forward to the rest.

      Mrs Brown

  • malika akhtar

    Hello Mr Paffeti. Could you tell me my login and password for matholia and username and password for accellerated reader please?Thank you

    • whetley

      Hello Malika. Your Username is wa0414 and your password is hpng9121.

      Mr P

    • fozia sultan

      hello mr paffeti its me fozia belle vue girls is soooo good the test are really easy i am in set 3 but in maths i am in set 2 year 7 is si coool

  • zahra khalifa 6S

    hi fatima

  • zahra khalifa 6S

    Hi miss, when is the Saturday boosters ending because my mum really wants to know.

  • Hafeezah Jamal (old) 6SR

    Hi Year 6 I just want to say that enjoy the learning and the fun you have over there because once you get into Year 7 its going to be so difficult and very stressful some of my happiness went away so I just want to say enjoy everything you do in Year 6!

    Thank you!! 🙂

  • Fatima khan 6S

    Miss s I agree with zahra we should do WAAAAAY more reading homework please

  • zahra khalifa 6S

    miss can you put more reading homework on.

  • Zakera (old 6s)

    Hi miss s
    Now in year 8 can’t believe feels like I just started school yesterday. I only got my English results back I git 6b I think it was something along those lines

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