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Year 5 Writing


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  • Zymal (left whetley)

    Hi everyone im going light water valley for a school trip its gonna be the best woohoo yeh

    • anonymous ninja 5s

      Hello, Zymal remember me from year 4 my name is Esa.At Whetley Academy we have fun learning trips to all sorts of places like for example: National Media Mesuem , The Pantomine e.t.c .

      Bye Zymal
      Your Kind Regars Esa A.K.A anonymous ninja.

    • Jessica 5s

      hi zymal its Jessica that will but so good!Have fun!

    • Zymal (left whetley)

      Haha yeh anonymous ninja Esa i remember you and Hi Jessica and everyone

  • kashif iqbal

    hello mr paffeti its kashif i miss the school

    • whetley

      Hi Kashif, its good to hear from you. How is high school? We are just preparing the children in Year 6 for their next big step and any advice you could give them would be greatly appreciated.

      Mr ‘old’ P

  • Talha

    Hello is every one ok

  • faizah

    these arent hard

  • Gabko

    Hello every body I’m back again so is everyone good? Just asking

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