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This page is about debate and a good way for you to share your opinions and thoughts on different subjects. There are some very important rules however when debating ideas and using the right language and giving good reasons are key.

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Try to use the following sentence openers to make your points. Remember to read other people’s comments and refer to them in your answer.

In the video below, Year 5 debate whether to pay doctors more than footballers.

Sequence 01_1 from Whetley Academy on Vimeo.



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  • Faiqa 6s

    I think we should all discuss if you should banned school uniform and wear non uniform.Also we all should come regularly on this debate page and every week discuss about different things.For this debate i’m against and here is my point:

    In my opinion you should wear school uniform so when school inspectors come around you will look smart and they will know its a awesome school just looking at how you look.

    • Rayhaan6S

      I’m sorry Faiqa, but I have to disagree with you because if you always wear your uniform from Monday to Friday then it will smell b you are wearing it every day.

    • Faiqa 6s

      But you should have one spare uniform and have a shower regulary. That is why I disagree with u

    • Laiba (old, old, 6s )

      Well Faiqa, school uniform can be pretty awesome but won’t you get tired of wearing the same old thing every day? I believe that students should have the freedom of wearing non uniform as through this they can express feelings and emotions… e.g. The colour they wear…

  • Sana

    In my opinion i think that you shouldn’t Steal because it might be someons favourite thing and it has happen to Me before

  • Owais 5T

    I think doctors should get paid more than footballers because footballers just play and doctors save peoples lives and if someone gets really ill they give them medicine to recover

  • laibha

    tahir hadiqah friends

  • Salina Meagher

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  • Shabee 6s

    I think u should not steal because later if u get caught by the police u will get a criminal record and when u be older and u want a job u can’t get one because u have a criminal record.

  • A.khan4zm

    If you look around you look and listen you will see that nothing has to be perfect as long as you try you will learn no matter what!

  • sumaiya 3H

    I think you shouldn’t steal because what if you walking on the street and someone stole your wallet and maybe there me be a device that if it gets stolen then the police can track you but in case that does not happen do not do the because like if you do goods things by like if something that a King or anyone rich wants (but who is rich) anything then you might be famous of president anything good can happen so my opinion is don’t steal bad thing bad. To give you advice if you do not what to go to prison or be on television criminal beware. then if you want to go on television then try to do good things and the people sometimes might support you

  • esa 2B

    i disagree with you maria you wrong.

  • maria6sr

    i disagree with tahira and hadiqha

  • alyssa 4p

    in my opinion I think you shouldn’t steal because it is illegal but not like for a example you find a coin on the floor and stealing make people become bad

  • tahira

    I agree with u that if you dont eat any thing for a long time u will die.Moreover the majority of people throw food on the floor eg:the boy brought a brand new choclate, then he tried it and dint like it so he chuked it on the floor.so there u could pik that choc up and eat it so there at least u gave eaten something.

  • tahira

    im afraid i cant agree with your piont hadiqah because instead off stealing u can ask!

  • hadiqah

    I i agree with taira because she said that you can get a criminal record and go to jail and to add to that you can get caught by eany one like an adult or a police so

  • hadiqah

    taira agree with you and how u said you can get a criminal record but if you don’t eat nothing you will easily die because the people out there they have no homes and they need to sleep out side in the cold and they will get really poorly

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