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Congratulations Mohib


Thank you to all the children who posted their jokes. They made me laugh and were all great choices. Well done Mohib you were a worthy winner! Bad luck Roshan, it was very close, keep blogging and see if you can win our next competition.


  • well done mohib for winning the football.

    • this better than mohib joke
      Doctor, Doctor! I think I’m a deck of cards!

  • Your really funny Mohib however your also a excellent friend.You don’t get much friends as good as you.

    • thats sweet roshan

    • It means a lot Roshan thank you.

    • Your welcome Mohib.

    • Oh My Days!!!! Pass me the tissues you three. You’re making me cry with all this politeness πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    • Miss S I thought you dont get emotianal

    • :'( :'( ‘Testing’ Arfan’s smiley instructions.

    • That means that Miss Stephenson thought we don’t be nice to each other.

    • True πŸ™‚ Roshan.

    • Of course I know you are nice to each other. I’m only joking.
      Very disappointed Arfan’s smiley instructions didn’t work πŸ™

    • Give Arfan 100 verble warnings for giving you false smiley instructions.

    • that was the best speech ever ROSHAN

  • Half of my win should go to Roshan but it hasnt.[BOYS sentence]

    • you mean half of the ball should go to roshan

    • Thanks Mohib.If he gave me half the football there would be no point because it will just be busted and ripped,Maria.

    • true

  • mohib votedfor you sevral times

    • Mohib voted for who several times.

  • Thank you everybody im going to cry

    • How come you didn’t cry when you won the football.

    • id pay good money to see that

    • Roshan would you cry if you won that.Besides i voted for your joke roshan

    • Thanks Ehsan.I might of cryed but there would only be a 5% chance I would.

    • so tecnically yor not

    • soo tecnically you wont

  • Well done! Mohib you won the contest so your joke is the best.

  • WELL DONE !! Mohib enjoy your football.

  • Well done Mohib.I and the whole school are proud of you.

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