• What do you call a aligator wearing a vest? A investigator

  • Two fish in a tank one fish says to the other fish how do you drive this thing 😉

  • It was funny wasn’t it when Mohib forgot his joke.I bet he was just shy.

    • Roshan you read me like a whiz.

  • Thank you Mr Pafetti for the win of the jokes you’ve made my day.

    • Cool prize Mohib 🙂

  • Who has won!!!!!!!

    • there going to tell you this friday Ehsan.

    • GOOD

    • mohib won

  • Is that your joke Mohib Doctor,doctor I swolled a bone are you choking? No really I did

    • Yeah Arfan

  • Ehsan, well done and I think the harry potter joke is going to win, do you agree?

    • yes i do agree what about you.

    • Danyal what i actualy ment was i do not agree i think the doctor doctor i swallowed a bone ae you choking?no i realy did one.

  • i thing the Harry potter joke is funny by the way my brother did that joke.

    • Danyal say well done from me.

  • My personal thought was all of them but the vest one was doctor doctor i swallowed a bone .Are you choking? no ireally did.
    Do you agree!

    • I disagree my favourite one is the harry potter 1 thats so funny

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