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Egg-citing challenge !

February 27th, 2012 · 20 Comments · competitions, Fun Stuff, fund raising, pictures, special events


It seems my egg was very pleased to find out he was being looked after all week! If you would like your egg to appear here please bring it to class 4P.


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  • Mehmoona


  • Hailan

    I know what you can do Miss Stansfield put a realistic looking wig on it or make it as that lady who tolled you about th egg and then she will be so proud and give you the prize

  • Hailan 4p

    If it was an example and when you finish doing that example what are ou going to do with it

  • Halima 4N

    You can decorate your egg as anything you like for example you can do it like a:
    A pirate
    And Harry Potter
    And last but not least Dumbledore

  • Faisal 4N

    My egg’s name is Egg-ery Potter ive drawn a wand for it and it has a hogwart jumper and it has fake glasses!

  • £hsan 5s

    Mr paffeti where do you have to give the egg if you have done it.

  • Mr Harrison

    What an eggsiting project (hee hee). But how do you win the egg competition?

    Mr Harrison
    Miriam Lord, Bradford.

  • kareemah 4p

    Mr Paffetti your egg is nice but are you going to bring it to the egg compettion?And i think your egg looks a bit clumsy as well.

  • Miss Stansfield

    My little boy and me are designing and making an egg-cellent egg this weekend as part of his easter project. Has anyone got any ideas to help us? It’s for a competition and we want to win!

  • victoria

    i craked my egg ina day

  • Roshan 6S

    Who’s egg is on the picture there?

  • maria 6S

    i made my egg and it egg-sploded holding it to tight i guess it looked egg-cellent though

  • Roshan 6S

    I am thinking about making a egg however I think I might be a bit embarrassed with carrying a egg everywhere on the contrary I think it’s a brilliant idea and a eggselent experience.

  • Ehsan 5s

    Im going to do it!how about you lot?

  • Danyal 4N

    Wow! that sounds very intersting and cool,your egg will be famous on whetley blog.
    P.S your egg looks a bit clumsy.