• miss stephenson ”i tried really hard” but reading is just not for me by the way i read most of room 13 well the first three chapters and the second last one :/

    • At least you tried Maria. We wont give up though. We just need to find an author and genre that you like. I wonder if you may enjoy listening to audio books instead. We could perhaps give them a try. You will enjoy the book we are using for our Literacy next term. It hasn’t any words in at all. 🙂

  • I like reading happy family books

  • the only book i like to read is diary of a wimpy kid

  • i love reading diary wippy kid because IT IS FUNNY !

  • I only enjoy reading Harry Potter books or Michael Morpurgo books.

  • The only book I like to read is Diary Of A Wimpy Kid

    • cause you are a wimpy kid
      your nose is smaller than your toe mohib khan i love u will u go out with me xxx to mohib

  • i love story bird because it is an easier way of story telling instead of i.c.t.when i have finished my story i am
    going to make it in to a book.

  • i never really get in to a book im not passinote about reading so i dont really have that feeling when reading a book id like to though

    • Maria, I think if you could find the ‘right’ author who writes about something you are interested in you would get into the book. Perhaps this is something we could all chat about in our P4C session on Tuesday 🙂

    • ok miss stephenson i really tried and at first it was ok but then i read on but no it wasnt working it was the wrong book

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