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New Competition


This weeks competition is a bit different. In light of all the snow, I’ve added a set of snowball fighting rules below to encourage safety and fair play. Unfortunately, I’ve lost the words. So the most imaginative set of rules or instructions will lead to 50 house points, cool prizes and a well-done assembly appearance!


  • 1. Put on safety shoes on such as wellies
    2. DoDon’tt be in a hurry to get outside
    3. Don’t throw snowballs at people you don’t know
    4. Play safely
    5. Don’t throw ice
    6. Don’t break people snowmans
    7. Stay warm
    8. Don’t hurt any body
    9. Listen to everyone
    10. Don’t throw snow on anyones face

  • One day a pacit of snow fell on the big would it was could Earth the snow was every where children was making angels in the snow,snow man and snow ball fight.One of the brav girls and some boys whent into a snow ball fight.One of the captin girls was showing a plan.

    The made lots and lots of snow ball incas the enamis came the took snow and made them into a sirkal.The enemy came… and and the captin fhrou a snow ball at her face.They wanid to pay for what the captin did so they fhrou lots and lots of snow balls at her.

    The captin wasent sad infact she was happy she said to her “you did well” as she putid her hand up like a wariar.Every body was playing aksept the lidar.One girl fell in the water she cride for help but no body hard her aksept the lider.She took her out but she fell in she took her self out and cride.

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