• I am going to Gambia next year and i am visiting a local school. Would you like me to take photographs and ask questions on my visit? I am so excited about going, my mum has been twice now and loves the place. I am going to take out football shirts for the children as they dont have enough money to buy their own. If you have spare shirts or if you have out grown yours, then i would love it if you could bring it in to school for me to take to the poor children in Gambia. Maybe we could do a link with the local school as my mum will be visiting often. we have friends there now and we keep in contact with them so when they come to visit us i could invite them into school and we could find answers to all our questions about life in Africa. I will speak to Mrs Gavins about it. Hope you have all had a great holiday and see you all on Monday.

    • That would be fantastic Ms Metcalfe! It would give us an opportunity to learn more about Africa and perhaps you could even bring back a video diary of your incredible journey.

      Mr P

  • i hope that some village schools have some good uniforms

  • I think in some Africa schools we could give some money to them becaues they poor and they want to learn more diffrent things

  • there are most than 600 ethnic or tribal groups in Africa,and only 53 countries.

  • if i went to Africa i would need summer shorts and clothes like t-shirts even sun-cream because it will be very hot. did you know that Africa has an amazing variety of wildlife?Africa has three huge deserts called Namib and kalahari.most African people live as farmers or herders in the countryside.more than 40 per cent of all the worlds refugees come from Africa.wars,drought,famine,and poverty are among the many factors that have caused millions of Africans to leave their homes.

    • are you in Africa wow and hello my name is usmna in Badford.

    • i agree the school may be the same but the community wont be

  • From Ramzan and Riya
    St Andrew’s International Primary School

    We think that your building would be the same, but that the people might be a little different. At playtime it would not be wet or cold like it is in England and that might make people a bit happier. Also if you put the food that you eat at break down for two minutes, a monkey would come and steal it. That’s what happened to us! Maybe the environment would change the school a bit.

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