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Fair Trade

February 9th, 2012 · 24 Comments · international, Questions


Year 6 are currently finding out about how Fair trade helps people around the world get a fair price for the goods they sell. Have you seen any products with this label on? What were they? Which shops were they in?


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  • anna6r

    me and my class have been learning about fairtrade and trust me you would LOVE learning about it

  • anna.6J

    These is school very goood very good frends very good miss very nice mrs brown

  • £hsan 5s

    It doesent sound very fair when you lose.

  • muzammil 6s

    when miss stephenson never won the fair tade rafel she upset and angry.

  • hamza 4J

    Theres a variety of fair trade in morrisons and in
    asdas and other local markets.I tried to check
    on the internet to to find about fair trade but
    my internet was not working.

  • Mrs Rehman

    check out our fame in the T&A today Whetley Hill children get into Fairtrade
    http://www.thetelegraphandargus.co.uk and yes, the year 5 pupil was very surprised when she won the WHOLE hamper.

  • Roshan 6S

    I made a mistake again.(I just can’t stop making them.)
    I left out girl when I wrote the who won,theres girl between who and won.

  • Maryam 5H

    My mum bought some Cadbury Bournville cocoa powder for drinking and baking, that has the fairtrade sign on it.

    • Miss Stephenson 6S

      Well spotted Maryam. Your mum has made a wise purchase. Buying cocoa powder to make a lovely mug of Fairtrade Bournville [Oooohh, I love dark chocolate!!] hot chocolate on a cold day like today sounds a perfect idea.

  • Danyal 4N

    I like the snow half good and half bad the:) good reason is me and my brother have snowball fights and the:( bad reason is that on my birthday it was snowing to much so I didn’t get to watch the football match.

  • Hassaanah 5H

    you can get fat by having so many chocolates

  • Roshan 6S

    I think that fairtrade products are the best kind of products because you be helping poor people therefore you feel good.

  • Mr Harrison

    At Miriam Lord we are planning our next FairTrade Fortnight. I will be checking on here to see if there are some great facts that I can share with my children. Thank you for sharing yours so far Miss Stephenson.

    Mr Harrison
    Miriam Lord, Bradford.

  • shabee

    WELL DONE Hamza keep it up

  • Hassannah 5H

    how much chocolates were in the box

  • Miss Stephenson 6S

    I have just called at my local co-op and bought a bar of Truly Irresistible milk chocolate with butterscotch (delicious eaten with a cup of strong black coffee).
    This was produced using cocoa beans from Ghana and Peru where they grow the highest quality cocoa in West Africa. As a result of the Co-op buying these cocoa beans at a ‘fair’ price the 45,000 farmers in Ghana have been able to invest money in:
    – health clinics
    – wells
    – schools.

    OK, that’s the lesson over with. I’m off to eat my chocolate and drink my coffee 🙂

  • Ehsan 5S


    • Miss Stephenson 6S

      Ehsan, wasn’t she so surprised at winning the whole box? I was rather disappointed my ticket didn’t win.

    • Ehsan 5S

      Yes she was Miss Stephensen.By the way Miss Stephenson you cold of cheated.

    • Roshana 6S

      It was funny wasn’t it Ehsan. When Miss Stephenson thought you only win one choclate but really you got a hamper,that was really big,to take home.

    • Roshan 6S

      I am sorry about my previous reply,this is what I ment.
      Wasn’t it funny Ehsan and Miss Stephenson when the who won thought you only get 1 choclate but you get a whole hamper,that was really big,to take home.

    • Ehsan_5S

      Yeah Roshan it was funny when she did get one chocolate instead of the whole box.

    • £hsan 5s

      well someone comment back then.