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New writing competition!


You’ve joined the crew of this boat, journeying out into the middle of the ocean. You’re searching for a very special creature. One that hasn’t been seen for three hundred years. Can you use a verb person sentence to describe what is happening or perhaps tell your tale about the search for …..



  • On monday i had joined an african company called swain our target was to catch an unnecessary sea animal that had not been sean for at least 300 years. On the day my parents shouted “hurry up” .it was the moment i was there in south Africa ready to sail in the salty ocean.i could feel glory cursing through my wains but at the same time i was scared,very scared if we had failed our mission i might have been sacked.”come on lets go”.i stared at the crystal,diamond,open ocean and prayed to god i will pass this test.i was exhausted, so i fell asleep.3 hours later i work up i saw my self in the middle of the atlantic ocean.just at that moment i saw an incredible bright animal dive.one of my crew mate said that is quit unique something like that cant dive. ” that is it!” I heard my tam mate shout so i captured a image to always remember the first journey.when i looked back i saw a shadow the size of a shark the shadow came closer and closer …

  • WOW everyone’s writing is sooooooo good

  • “Come on lets get going ,we wont get anywhere at this rate”shrieked Sam.We were taking a journey to the sea.Two hours later, i was on the boat.Suddenly, I stared at a scary shark coming near me…

  • “Will you hurry up”Screamed Ashley.
    “Okay coming before you have a heart attack”Replied Amanda as she grabbed her flippers.
    “I am not having a heat attack I just really want to get going”Explained Ashley.
    “Okay”Said Amanda.The two girls were off on an adventure and were very excited the red boat which was as red as rubies swayed side to side slowly.Amanda and Ashley quickly sat on the boat and then Splash!They were soon floating around in the water.
    “Wow what a cool place”Said Amanda.
    “I know right”Exclaimed Ashley as she gazed at the colourful fish in delight.They started to swim deeper,deeper and deeper as it got darker and darker and darker.Then BANG! Something was there the two girls started to swim frantically fast as they looked back at the mysterious shadow which popped out of nowhere.Horrified,Petrified,scared the two girls swam for their life.
    “Wow thanks for bringing me”Scolded Amanda.
    “Your the one who said lets go to the sea”Snapped Ashley.Then they came to a stop the mysterious figure arose.It was a Dragon fish!If they had not come,if they did something else,if they went for fish and chips instead,then maybe they would not be in this trouble right now.The Dragon fish came close.
    “Is this the fish that had not been seen for 300 years”Wailed Amanda.
    “It could be, it could not”Responded Ashley as she began to hide behind Amanda. what what they going to do?…

    • Gazing,The crooked,old dragon fish came closer to Amanda and Ashley.What where they going to do?
      PS:This is in my story it is part of it!:)

  • I had joined a companies called swain.my target was to discover a creature which hasn’t been discovered for at least three hundred years.I was worried, extremely worried that this mission would be incomplete this made me feel very devastated . Imagining,I dream’t of capturing a magnificent animal which made me world wide famous .I stared as the diamond, white sea was rushing before me.Soon I was exhausted, later I fell asleep.just at that moment a incredible , colorful yet extraordinary specie jumped up like a jumping jack.Suddenly i heard a blood curdling scream, it was so loud that it nearly made me deaf. horrifyingly I urged, rapidly to where the sound came from.With a shock of amazement my mouth dropped open. I saw scary shark eating my crew.Wondering, i thought were the captain was.I heard the anticipation of the captain shrieking. I gasped!With a vicious look it slowly came towards me…

  • Stop! your taking a risk don’t you know of the story that the great big white shark ate a human in just one minute ”yes of course we know the story don’t worry you need to chill”. I have I feeling that I should come with okay why not come along then. They had got a very tiny small boat. But we’re did Tom and jessie go they were they main people to go sailing. I was squashed in the boat. That I couldn’t even reach anything. Wow!! what a gaint and cute dolphin swimming around though roughly.

  • “Hurry up! At the rate of your speed we wont get anywhere!” Shouted Lucy from the top of her voice.
    “Alright im coming.” Said Amy whilst grabbing her scuba diving suit.
    “Wish me good luck Amy! Lucy spoke in a happy voice.
    “Ready steady go!” Exclaimed Amy and in seconds they entered the world of water…
    Lucy and Amy were going to go scuba diving to find out and explore the sea. The blood red boat swayed side to side frantically. The pair sat at the edge, tipped out of the boat and dipped in the clear crystal sea. It was spectacular. I was surrounded by a school of fish,clown fish,colorful coral reefs and sea beds. It was an astonishing sight! At the corner of their eye they saw a something movie so they went to look what it was.
    It was a enchanted planet! Under the sea? How could this happen?

  • The wind is blowing it look like somebody is ther becas ther waving like a another ship I think ther catching fish like a hunt .

  • Two fisher men went to the beach to find a shark.one doy they found then selfs in the sea the blue sea roued in they earsA crab was on they shoulder and he said let me show you around. There was all types of fish suddly they all went away all the corals were still even the waves seamd quiter .A dark shadow came closer and closer…it was a shark. they killed it and finally they killed a shark and they all lived happly ever after but the shark.

  • Hi,Miss Sayer.I’m the girl you met yesterday.(Friday)I have wrote an entry for the new writing competition.Anyway,how are you?

    • Hello Zunaira! I am very well thank you, I hope everyone is enjoying their snowy weekend! What a fantastic entry you have typed up! I think it’s going to be another difficult decision to pick a winner this week!

  • “Turn to starboard!”shouted Captain Squawk.The ship moved.Me,Zayenah and Zulaikha,were on trip with Captain Squawk.We were sailing ‘The Seven Sea’s.’We were searching for the Sea-dragon.Captain Squawk was sure that this ‘Sea-dragon’ lived.He had his scuba-diving costume with him,so he could dive in the crystal-clear ocean and find this mysterious creature.I had my scuba-diving costume with me too.So did Zayenah and Zulaikha.
    “Okay girls.Time to go scuba-diving!Put you costume on.”ordered Captain Squawk,as he put on his flippers.
    I got my scuba-diving costume and changed into it.Zayenah and Zulaikha changed into their scuba-diving costume too.”I’m so excited!”exclaimed Zayenah.
    “I am too.”agreed Zulaikha,as she put her mouth-piece into her mouth.
    Splash!Splash!Splash!All of us had dived into vivid blue ocean.Amazed,we were surrounded by thousands of tropical fish.It was incredible!The more we swam;the darker it got.

    • Wow Zunaira good story thanks for putting me in

    • Your welcome.Whoever you are.I thought your name and my name would fit in perfectly in my story because my name and your name begins with a Z.

    • Suddenly,we heard an ear-busting roar.We froze like ice,floating on the ocean.My heart was pounding louder and louder.Then,a huge figure crept over us.A ginormous Sea-dragon!Captain Squawk was astonished.Inside,however,he was very scared of this Sea-dragon.It had razor-sharp teeth and horns were piercing through it’s body.Petrified,shocked,frightened,we stared at this Sea-dragon.We were just about to swim away,when the Sea-dragon started chasing Captain Squawk.We knew Captain Squawk wanted a photograph of this beast,so Captain Squawk threw his camera to me.I caught it.Zayenah and Zulaikha were horrified.But,when the Sea-dragon took a glance at Zayenah and Zulaikha;it started chasing them too!I was the only one left,to save them.So,I got the camera and whilst the rest of the crew were being chased by the hideous monster,I managed to take a photo of the beast.Then,I found some coral reef,that lay on the sea-bed.I pulled it off and threw it at the Sea-dragon.It hit the eye of the beast and it let out a cry of pain,that hurt all of our ears.Then,it swam off.
      Luckily,no-one got hurt and thanks to me;I took a photograph of the beast.We followed Captain Squawk all the way back to the boat.On the way,I took some more photographs.Some were photographs of fish and some were photographs of coral reef.Finally,we made it back to the boat.”Mission accomplished!”said Captain Squawk,proudly.
      “That was a fantastic trip.”exclaimed Zayenah.
      “Yeah.Very cool.”added Zulaikha.I gave Captain Squawk his camera back.
      “I think it was because of me,we have finished this mission.”I said,with a smile on my face.”I took the photographs.”Captain Squawk,also had a smile on his face.He gave us all a big hug,as we sailed all the way home.It was a successful mission!
      ‘You will always succeed,if you believe in yourself!’

  • the people are catching fish.
    the people are fishing.
    the people are diving.
    the people are saling on the sea on a mini boat.
    the people are hot because it is really hot at the sea.
    the people are on the sea side to see some sea creatures.
    the people are looking for a shark.
    the people can see a whale.
    the people can see a shark.
    the people can see a octipus.
    the people can see a ship.

  • the lovely man can fell in a massive,ernomouse water

  • i think that they are going for a big fish hunt

  • Hope I WIN!!!!!!!!!!
    One crispy morrning I woke up and I was really excited becaues me and my company swain were of to catch a black white whale we were over excited that my lovely mum made me a good luck cake mmmmm! it was very delicious so I set of with my great and clever company. As soon as we could we got some little and tasty snack just in case. Quickly, we rushed to the boat as fast as a cheetah.just then I felt the boat going towards the right and side I got scared. Just the at the coner of my smart i saw a large killer whale coming towards me and my company. Interesting half way through he stopped and went under the clean water again. I was starving to death so I decided to have some fresh clean fruit . But until then what will happen.

    • One clear morning not a cloud in the sky the sun was creeping up like a large yellow balloon.Me and my friend BARIRAH ate our breakfast earily because we were going to an adventure under the sea.We rushed out-side waiting for the diving instructor.Finally he arrived my heart was pounding with fear but BARIRAH was bubbling with excitment.We walked quickly to the boat we got in carefully.The diving instructor said DO NOT TOUCH ANY OF THE ROCKS CAUSE THEY CAN BE FISH HUNTING FOR PRAY. We both promised our selves never to touch the rocks.And then did a back flip into the water.We first saw a beautiful amazing orange star fish. As we looked in a diffrent direction we saw a school of fish(bunch of clown fish).
      The best part is when we saw the coral it was wibbling like jelly.A shark was heading this way the instructor gave us a signal to hide behind the coral.Fortunatley a school was heading this way and ate most of them.And swam away.We swam quickly to the boat and went home. What an adventure i said we all began to laugh.it is called

  • As i borded the wrecked crocked ship i kept seeing a tail in the crystal blue sea.2 days after our ship was attacked by a entire clan of fishasarus they were fish who were stronger than the kings of the ocean (sharks).our crew did fight back but before that they took pictures of them to prove their are such creatures.After five minutes I heard a ginormous spalsh it was the king of the fishasarus but what did it do…….

  • But as it was 2 whales cames we could see there thin smooth tails suddenley my friend fainted. I was really worried. Excited, surprised,amused I got my rod out and tyres to catch that creature wow it was a black nose shark I was shocked. Finally I had caught it i sufured really badly.

  • Hope I WIN!!!
    We setted of in the morning to find a black nose shark.shockingly, we could see a huge creature in the distance we all got very frightened but we all new that we had to catch that huge creature. We were hungry so we decide to eat some tasty tuna sandwiches and for a desert we had a crunchy galaxy bar. We waited and waited for the creature to come we were all confused I thought maybe it might be a tuna fish.just then we froze. From somewhere over head we heard a low sound and a bright light appeard. We could feel that someone was moving the boat.

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