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Writing competition


What thoughts are going through the man’s head and what will happen next in this new writing competition? Anything from If,if,if then sentences to whole stories are welcome.


  • Deep in the forist at night a man went to find a golden egg, he found it. “I will take this egg and i will be rich”said the man. Another man came and said “the egg dusent bilong to you it bilongs to the would”. “Jeh and who is gona stop me from geting this egg” “me” he took his hands and froud them doun he took the egg and ran to the queen “queen take this golden egg it now bilongs to you.
    “No it dousent i found it “no you dident ” queet we will hav a reace how wiil win will get the golden egg.So they ran and ran gess how is the winer……the man how gave the egg to the queen and no body will gwt it agen.

  • Seeing as there isn’t a golden assembly today the winner will be announced on Friday next week so there’s still time to get your entries on or write more!! Good luck everybody!

  • As i went into the dark,lull cave i saw something shining. First i thougt it was an golden wig but when i looked closer i figured out that it was an golden ,sparkly bar.Just then i remembered that i had brought with me my brown bag of magic dust. I calmed my self down because i think i was a bit too overexited,so thats what i did.Suddenly, i heard an rumbaling sound …..

  • Once upon a time there lived a man how was very intrestid in one owl.One day he traid to do somthing that wiil go in to the histary.He tread it ges what hapend…he wigald his hands and wigald until the owl becam gold he was so happy he quekly ran to town and said it to every body.

    The president came the king came every body he did the trik agen in frunt of every body ges if he did it or not…he didant do it every body whent aweythen somthing happend…the owl becam into gold.so at they end the man got into the histary.and they lived happely ever after.

  • As I ventured deep through the meandering paths I came to an
    unknown mystarious cave I went inside it was pitch black but a gold
    beam of light shot on my face.What was it? Suddently the ground shaked
    the cave was closing if I hadn’t came hear, if I hadn’t touched it, if I hadn’t descoverd
    it then this would’nt happen

  • In my opinion i think that theres a golden skull and the man is cooncentrating and trying to levitate it

  • As I(Indiana Jones)trekked deeper through the jungle on a meandering path surrounded by lush,green trees.I abruptly halted when I saw what I was here for the…the tomb of terror.In actual fact I was here for the thing cocealed within the tomb of terror.It’s a scroll telling us of the biggest treasure known to the universe.I’m here for two reasons.One,because the treasure is my family’s;Two an evil man named Cell destroyed my great grandfather’s ship and my great grandfather in the process.My fury burns thinking about him and if he or anyone else in his family sets foot infront of me I will make them pay and perish for their deed.As long as the blood in my veins pumps I swear I shall never let them so much as lay a finger upon the scroll.Suddenly the ground shook.Then Bang!Without hesitation I ran to see what was going on,and it was as I had feared.An active volcano.The underground magma chamber was hardly being friendly.That I could tell from the tremors and quivers.I got the scroll and raced out.Grasping the sand-like scroll I thought my problems couldn’t get any worse but then a man confronted me and stopped me in my tracks.”Who are you?”I demanded.
    “You should recognise me Jones,”he replied.
    All of a sudden,I saw that he was Cell’s descendent and my anger level just kicked into overdrive because I was fuming.”If you’ve come for this,”I said showing him the scroll.”You’ll have to go through me.”
    “Very well then,by the way my name is Frieza,”he said sounding reasonably confident.
    Quickly I ran into battle my anger uncontrolable thinking about my great grandfather.My dying love for my great grandfather boosted my fighting ability and with one kick I finished Frieza.My life could be over if I don’t make it off this now half lava submerged island.If I don’t make it off this island,if I don’t find any more obstacles,if I can get a boat,then I will be victorious.Something was coming my way it was…

  • If I hadn’t gone elsewhere,if I hadn’t been too long for my run,if I had just forgot the noise then I wouldn’t be so devastated.Next, I began to walk. I saw some bushes and crouched down and saw a man chanting some magical words around a flaming fire.I felt that I was going to collapse.Just then I realised that the man was no ordinary man.but he was actually Indiana jones.Aaa I shrieked

  • I was on morning run.All of a sudden,I heard thunderous crash.As I got closer and closer the noise was getting louder and louder.Soon It was getting dark and I had lost my way home.I began to cry my eyes out. If I hadn’t

  • Here is my entry:
    As I ventured deeper and deeper closer and closer a tingling sensation ran down my spine whilst my heart beat like a base drum. Me (Indiana Jones) are on a case to track down the gold of Atlantis and I am determined to find it and I surely will. I cut leaves, branches and tackled amazing beasts. The sky was infusion with colours as the sun set and the pale, patient moon hung in the sky making the stars look like little specs of dazzling diamonds and perfect pearls. I used my mighty sword and slayed creatures which I haven’t even heard of or seen ever before. As I got nearer I saw a huge door with a pad-lock on it. I wondered what in the world is that doing and with not a care in the world I stormed in after kicking the ancient,wooden door with my adventure boots and there something spotted my eye… It was the gold of Atlantis! “Victory is mine!” I shouted while my hands were clutched together wafting in the air. Suddenly, I used my magic dust in my brown bag and I had unlocked the gold and it was gripped in my hands. I had done it! Now I have succeeded and I will now go tell my master. I will live in proudness and I always will!

  • Another fantastic picture Mr P! The closing date for the exciting writing competition will be next Thursday so good luck everybody!!

  • Cool clip hi have got all of them

    • I’ve got them all as well. I was [probably still am] a huge fan of Indiana Jones.

  • come on come on this could be the end of that life saving captain whats his name, now that i have my well deserved weapon i can unleash the power of the death defying seithius and together we will bring the earth to its knees if i accomplish that then this earth will be extinct it will be named after me i am so glad i met a sorcerer now i am a magic master. What is happening the weapon is lightning up hey what is that sound suddenly there was an enormous VOLCANIC EXPLOSION!!! on the other side all that i could see was clouds of dark grey ash and out came SEITHIUS all that i wished was for him to come alive and both me and him could RULE THE WORLD!!!!!but was sethius the guy the death deifying guy i thought he really was.was he or was he not…….?

  • come on come on this could be the end of that life saving captain america, now that i have my well deserved
    weapon i can unleash the power of the death defying sethius and together we will bring the earth to its knees
    if i acomplish that then this earth will be extinct it will be named after me i am so glad i met a sorcerer now i
    am a magic master. What is hapening the weapon is lightning up hey what is that sound ……………

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