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Whetley at Whitby


Today, Year 6 visited Whitby to find inspiration for their Dracula writing, as Bram Stoker did, at the Abbey. They were amazing ambassadors for Whetley Academy, greeting and talking to other visitors to Whitby in a way that made us all proud. It was a clear sunny day and a perfect chance to see the harbour, eat an ice-cream and scream inside the Dracula Experience.
whitby all

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Welcome to the first instalment of Bookwookydoodah. Each week, a teacher will read one of their favourite stories for you. We hope you enjoy them and it inspires you to grab a book and read. Miss Stansfield, is our first volunteer and she is reading ‘Under the Bed’ by Paul Bright.

Under the Bed from WhetleyAcademy on Vimeo.

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I Love Bradford



Congratulations to our children who helped beat the world record for linking arms whilst making a heart shape gesture today. The event, which included 2331 people from the council, NHS staff and school children, helped raise money for the Lord Mayor’s Appeal.

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