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Team work


Speaking of Slovakia, this is their football team. Which teams do you support? Are you part of a team? This does not always mean in sports. The class you are in is a team, your friends are a team. What skills do you need to be part of a team?


  • All hail Manchester United & Real Madrid

    • you need team work for everything if you think about it

  • the best player is c.ronaldo. l.messi messi is in and ronaldo is in real madrid. ho is beter messi or ronaldo

  • My favourite football plejer is benzema

  • My favourite Slovak goali ciper is peter chech

  • i like man u too mohib

  • My favorite team is man united!!

  • My faviorite country team is brazil my best players are pepe,pele,maradona,ronadiniho

  • i like football the best team aren slovakia. my favourite players a marek hamsik

  • I like football because it is exciting.I like football even more when I see Ronaldo score a goal!

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