• i think that friends are good because they help you a lot

  • friends are good because if you dont have a friend and you get hurt you will have to take your selve to the first aid but if you do have a friend if you get hurt they can take you instead of you taking your own self to the first aid

  • A friend always tells you the truth as much as possible, even though you might not want to hear it at the time

    • Is school open tommorow

    • people are very lucky to have friends

  • friend’s make you feel happy also they alway’s check that if there friend’s aren’t lonely and that they haven’t been bullied by anybody or any child.

  • A friend is who comes up to you when you are lonley and have no one to play with.If you are hurt they might take you to the first aider.

  • Friend”s are good because when you are feeling lonely they can play with you

  • Friends allways have your back.

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