• Here is a snowman we made together on our snow day : )

  • Is school closed tommoro i hope it is!

    • Ehsan, unless you receive a text tomorrow morning, or a message appears on this blog then school will be open

  • Here is my snowman.He is called chloe close.

  • Enjoyed the snow today with my wonderful nieces…

  • Here is picture 1 of 2. This was the scene that I was greeted with this morning as I looked out of my window. Even though it looked beautiful, my first thoughts were that of sheer panic at the thought of having to drive to school. My car at this point was hidden from sight, under a mountain of snow.

    • This is picture 2. I am sat drinking this now having spent the last 2 hours digging my car out of the snow, clearing the drive and clearing part of the road, all so that I can get into school tomorrow to teach my wonderful class. Aren’t they so lucky? 😉

      Miss ‘frozen cold and wet through!’ S

  • School’s close.Everyone enjoying the snow,because I am not!
    I want to go to school!
    I’m bored at home.
    Hope tomorrow’s school.

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