• If you dont know who Mohib is he’s the cute one below the guy who’s wearing glasses.

  • I wish I could put my cap on in that picture

  • mohib looks funny in the picture .

  • i am so happy that they are making skate park

  • there is noo won in the park

  • mohib you are holding a skate bored with out wheels

    • Could it be a hover board? If so I’d quite like one. 🙂

      Mr P

  • I like skateboarding.

  • I think this team was very good

  • The boy in the top middle look’s a bit like Mr Kerr.

  • This is brilliant well done guys! Amazing what you can do when you work hard and put your mind to it!

  • That sounds great I have a skate board.

  • I’ll enjoy going to the skate park because there are non others in Bradford(I think.)Mohib and the rest are doing a great thing.

    • Roshan theres a skate and a bike park in BD3. You the park that im in you can bring bikes, skateboard and wheelchairs

  • Look at Mohib 🙂


  • Team nield your soooo good at creating eggs can you teech me

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