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January 15th, 2012 · 119 Comments · Questions, Thoughts


What would you do if you won a million pounds? Would you share any with your friends and family? Would you help other people with it ?


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  • Ramisha 4p

    I would keep it all and give 50% of it to Mr Parffeti so he can learn how to walk

  • Hailan

    I thought again and said well 1 million is a lot so I’ll give it back to the place I got it from

  • Hailan

    Well ill give it all to the charity in second thoughts

  • Aleeza 6R

    If i am really lucky 2 win £1 million (which will never happen) i would first buy a palace then buy ferrari.Then i would spend abit on my family and the rest on buying every PSP and PS3 game avalible……………………………..

  • hamairah 6r

    i would give all my money

  • £hsan 5s

    i would buy everything i could:D

  • Ehsan 5S

    If i had one million pounds i wouls give it to a mosque or a charity

  • Ehsan 5S

    Its realy hard to think about it. Because i want to buy loads of things.

  • maria 6s for success

    money makes the world go roung they say money cant buy happiness for some it can like the homeless and poor

  • Anonymous

    money makes the world go round they say money cant buy happiness for some it can like the poor and homeless

  • Mohammed_Ehsan 5S

    if i won £1 million i would spend it on a mansion.And half of it to the poor and 1p to the school staff.

  • Roshan 6S

    I would give 1 million pounds to Roshan(me).

  • iqra 6s

    I would give it to my islamic school !

  • iqqraahmed 6s

    Iwouls just give it all to my islamic school!

  • Hailan

    I would give £9000 to charity
    Send £1110 to the poor Malawi village schools
    £900 to design my house
    All the mony I can give to get a shop of my own
    £2000 for products in my shop
    Buy a £6000 car
    And £900 spending mony

  • Haroon 4p

    I would give some to charity some to my family and some to my friend’s also to poor country’s.

  • umarah 6s

    I would give some to the charity of my choice (islamic relief) because I support them very much.
    The rest I would share out between my family but I would definatly give 1 percent of it to each of my teachers Miss Stephenson and Mrs Green for helping me so much.

  • Haroon alam 4p

    I would give Half to Charity And spend some on my self