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I just wanted to let everyone know that our website reached 100,000 views this week. I would like to thank all of our brilliant bloggers both past and present (its great to see year 7’s and year 8’s still contributing to our blog). A special thank you goes to the uninimitable, unsurpassed and utterly wonderful Miss S (take a bow) for her boundless enthusiasm and hard work which has produced the largest collection of great writing on any school blog anywhere.

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  • WOW Well done everyone we did it that’s Amazing I miss you all very much and espically you Miss S how are You And before you ask SCHOOL IS FAB I made loads of new friends and me and Zulaikaha are in the same class and everything it’s amazing.How Are You and All Your New Students They Must Be so happy to have a wonderful teacher like you.Miss You Ever So much and. Miss Whetley too!Say Hello To miss Green And Have a lovely time with your wonderful new class (not as wonderful as us):p
    MISS YOU!!

    Ps:Hoping to visit soon:)

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