• I agree with the majority of people on here, there will never be a perfect world, as perfection is seen differently from one person to another, as long as we can learn from our mistakes that is what matters in the end.

  • I’m not sure the world will ever be perfect, and nor do I think it should be. LIfe is about experiencing a range of emotions, and that means happy and sad ones.

    Mr Harrison
    Miriam Lord, Bradford.

  • Wasn’t too sure where to post an unrelated comment…..but greetings from Saudi Arabia everyone.

    • Its great to hear from you Mr Ahmed. I have just created a new page where you can update us on your Hajj and where our children can ask questions about this special journey.
      Mr P

  • My honest opinion of a Perfect World.
    Because i have huge respect for the Earth, my idea would be that of which everything, Rivers, tree’s, humans/animals and skies.live in peace and harmony. No conflict, the only death is natural or for survival. For Earth to have her way, no cities over riding large percentages of her surface, no tarmac roads, no cars, no pollution. Life. A perfect world is where we don’t take for granted what is given to us, that we are grateful for everything in our lives. No hate, less fear. More compassion and more love. Where you can believe what you want to believe without anyone else judging you or stopping your freedom of speech. standing up for what you think is right, without fear that someone will laugh at you, or insult you. This is a Perfect world in my mind.

  • Even though I agree with M zain I agree more strongly with maria because humans are meant to make mistakes in life so that you can learn from them.Also if we were all perfect we would all be the same and who would want that certainly not me. Something else I would like to say is if we were all the same we would all be as clever as each other meaning since everyone would be the same a baby would be as clever as a teacher. I wouldn’t want to live in a world like that would you?

  • In my opinion I think that its impossible to have a perfect world my reasons for this is the known saying “practice makes perfect” is ONLY a known saying because even though you think you are perfect there is still room for improvement. Perfect is like you modelling and shaping your dreams into reality like having a large house with fancy car.

  • There is no such thing as a perfect world. No matter how hard you try no matter what you do there will always be a mistake. Wars and fighting could stop but they cant be stopped forever.you could work hard and get top marks in school but there will be no point because you won’t be able to learn from your mistakes. You could be good and perfect but you wont have any fun.Even if you have a very good control of your temper you can still get mad sometimes and that can make you argue with people. Everyons life would be boring if you had to be perfect all the time.

  • if we hada perfect worldb evryone will be zso so so so perfect and know one will swear fight or start world wars
    and have other innocent peoples land and know one will kill people and steal from other people so they can be
    extha extra extra rich then enyone else in the universe so if we we stop all these horrible things to other innocent human beans and let everyone live there own lives if people like there lives that leave them alone or they will think your ANNOYING AND THEY WILL GET REALLY CROSS

  • it would be a perfect world if we didn’t have world wars no violance no fighting over counterys and
    every bodybeing friends .

  • If we had a perfect world it wouldn’t be so perfect … I say this because no one would be allowed to make mistakes to learn from.Also another of my arguments are who would want to be “perfect”allo the time NOT ME all humans live to make mistakes an regret things thats life and if we lived in a perfect world people in it will have to be perfect imagine that so boring and everyone’s the same I dont think soo !!!

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