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Autumn Competition


Welcome to our first writing competition of this term. Have a look at the pictures of some Autumn changes below. Can you write a 2A sentence about one of the pictures in the next two weeks? This competition is open to both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 children. Remember to choose your adjectives very carefully. You could be the winner of 60 house points, 30 merits and a surprise gift.





  • iam gabko in 2t ☺☺☺

  • Late one cold evening, whilst hiding from my friend in the stony, deep and crowded forest, all of a sudden I saw a shiny, shimmering and bright sparkle in the corner of my eye. What could it have been? Was it a wand, a sun or a star fallen from the sky? I went a little more closer and there in my amazment I saw leaves hanging on to branches as thin as a single hair and as and as the leaves one by one were slowly falling down on the muddy, wet and leafy ground I gathed a pile of leaves in my hand and threw them in the air. It was the best moment of the day.

  • I am in 2t

  • The mighty,overweight tree is wooshing in the breezy,cold wind.

  • The crunchy,orange leaves fell on the hard ,stoney ground.

  • the crispy,luminiouse leaves fell on the dirty, cold water

  • the kind lovely girl wore a shiny ring

  • Picture1-
    While I was taking a stroll in the woodlands I saw the shimmering, luminous Sun shine glimmeringly in the gloaming, amber Autumn breeze.

    In the Autumn days
    People are being amazed by yellow, brown leaves
    Swirling, twirling on the ground
    Sparkling raindrops falling all around.

    One windy Autumn day
    Golden, crispy leaves are swinging down
    Making a crunchy, strewn carpet
    On the ground.

  • The crunchy, dry leafs were on the stoney, hard ground in my backyard.

  • The trees are beautiful and the wind windering the sun rise and I said i never ever so this fantistik sun rise

  • As I saw colofull tree whit a sun riss bihind it. 🙂

  • When I open my eyes I saw a tree , bihind there was a beatyfull sun riss. 🙂

  • The dry cruchy leaves fell gently on to the rocky solid ground as it covered it like a banket.

  • The firey crunchy leaves floated on the ground like tickleisg feathers.

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