• Hello Malaika how is your arm??

  • Hiyer mrs Gavins I do not think that the dragon is true because first I did belive it but now I cant belibe it because if it blew fire the wall woud have been on fire and the houses wou be on fire

  • even i do not beleive it is not true and by the way its a cartoon cause when u see the face from the dragon it looks fake thats my opininon

  • I’m not sure either, but It’ll be very exciting to see what happens next.
    Mrs G

  • mrs gavins
    i cant belive it is it true

  • Mrs Gavin’s in my opinion I don’t think that is real they probably edited it on puppet pals.

  • I’m completely shocked and stunned!
    Who was the brave person that filmed the dragon?
    Mrs Gavins

  • OH MY DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ……………………………….I don’t believe that’s true.

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