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Castle Whetley


There are always new and exciting changes at Whetley but this term a castle appeared in Year 5! It’s an amazing new learning area built by Mr Jackson and painted by our artist Bernie and fit for a king (or a group of hard working children). It is missing a flag at the moment so if you would like to design a Whetley flag then please bring any pictures to class 5P and your design may be the one flying over the battlements soon.


  • The best part of our classroom is the lego kits.Not that there fun, it’s that it help your learning and your mind to be more imaginative

  • Hi again, I forgot to mention our ict area. It is great. Again it is painted. With a soft floor board.

  • I was so exited when Mr p told us that we were going to have a castle in our classroom next year. But when it was finished I was elated

  • Hi, isn’t it great. I was amazed when I first saw it. But now that it’s painted it looks even better. I love being in this class.

  • Hi Hailan
    It’s great isn’t it! Good to hear from you and hope you’re enjoying your new school.
    Mrs Gavins

  • Wow! I wish we had that in 6s!

  • 🙁 I wish that was in our class and we could dress up all day.

    • sorry I right lots if wrong names I am Amnah in 5w and I am new

  • im so jelous 🙁 why didnt we have that

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