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The weather is changing and making the world around us appear very different. Can you write a 2A sentence to describe what you can hear,see and smell or even a paragraph about the season of Autumn?


  • one chilly autmn day ,I looked out of the window because I could hear some voices and some foot steps approaching closer and closer.I felt as if i was home alone but i knew that i wasnt because i could hear my parents snoring .

  • Hi miss s hoped you liked my paragraph of writing

    • Hello Aminah. It’s fantastic to see you writing on the blog so much, practising your writing skills. Your writing will get better and better the more you do it. Can I just give one little bit of feedback to help you? Take care to punctuate your writing as accurately as you can. It is easy to slip into bad habits when using a keyboard.

      Miss ‘ have a go at writing competition – remember to include a 3_ ed sentence’ S

  • one autumn day,I was walking down the road with my friend. we were on are way to the city park . we stopped at the shop to by some treats for are selfs . I had a camera and a phone on me . a camera to take pictures with and a phone to ring my mum to tell her went to pick us up. at the corner of my eye i saw an astonoshing sight there lay in front of me was the city park ,I quickly took out my camera and took about ten or over photos on that scene. however my friend had told me that If you take to much photos your battery will get waisted. I just turned around and started taking even more pictures trying to avoid her attentionand to annoy her. what’sthe time . half past eight. what. half past eight .quick we need to go home as fast as we can. we ran as fast as we could we went past the traffic light and through the bus top I rang my mum and she said she would drive as fast as she could.

  • It was a cold Autumn moring I could hear
    yellow crunchy leaves craking the damp water
    flowed across the forest I could heaar chittering
    suddently a dark shadow appeard there was not one, there was

  • It was an chilly,Autumn afternoon the leaves were changing color red to orange then multicolored and went all rough and crispy. I could hear the leaves crunch beneath my feet and through my toes. The weather changed to cold and was near to winter. I could see leaves fluttering of the trees like confetti making the leaves surround me. I couldn`t smell anything my nose was blocked because of the coldness. My fingers and toes turned numb and frozen I couldn`t bare the coldness. Then all of a sudden…

    • It was a cold Autumn day,I was out walking through the park.The leaves on the trees weren’t green,instead they were orange,red,brown and yellow.
      Because it was cold,I was wearing a coat,a pair of gloves and a hat.I could hear the leaves crunching under my feet,when I was walking.Just then,I saw a dark shadow that appeared onto the ground.Something in the distance,got closer and closer to me.I got very scared,but I still wanted to find out what was there.Suddenly,I paused.The shadow had disappeared.The strange thing in the distance,was standing right in front of me.It was a person,that hid their face by a black hood.Mostly,
      everything that this person was wearing was black.Frightened,shocked,
      horrified,I was staring at the person,wondering if they were a person or something else.

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