• It was a moonlight winters night , the wind was whistling,
    beside me was a bunch of graveyards but that was not all
    in front of me was haunted house I got the creeps. My spine
    was tingerling scared,petrifide,terrified I enterd the
    house It was scary. cold,and lost,hungery,and scared
    I steped closer suddently a dragon came storming at me
    my hart beated like a drum the dragon fired some scorching fire
    I dashed passed the dragon and went inside another door,
    I thought it was over but right down was some blood thirst
    zombies I was dead shocked….

    • It’s good to see you back on here Mohammed Zain.

  • It was a gloomy night I could hear peoples screens echo
    Pass the forest in front of me was a huge black haunted house I stumbled closer to the rusty door who knows what will happen…

  • Thanks,your story is well scary too! (ooh la la) hehe i will see you at school. Keep on blogging! 😉

    • The comment at the top is for zunaira by the way i forgot to write it to zunaira but instead i accidently put it on the top (the comment is for her halloween writing)…..

  • zulaikha one pound fish so funny.

    • I know since so long! guess what! one pound fish guy went on x factor…and got 4 NO`S! he didnt make it through.

  • Thank you miss and espesially zunaira! For these lovely comments and yes i am proud of myself but not to proud like you are! I am greatfull to have such an awesome teacher and a wonderful best friend thank you so much. I will remember miss s and zunaira FOREVER! (miss s please excuse the text talk but im really happy!)

  • it was a pitch black night in front of me was a humongus
    haunted house I could still hear peoples screems echo
    through the confusing forrest my hart was pounding
    like an earthquake nervously and carefully I stumberld
    towards the rusty door.

  • Well what to say,what can i rememember?The thoughts are all jumbled in my head.It was hallows eve and the darkest creatures swarmed the streets at night.This is the night where there most at mind.They’ll raid in the darkness and peel away your skin.They sing their haunting songs striking fear into my heart.They’ll haunt you with the pain that curses within your veins.They will come zooming out the dark with their shadow of fear.They doom in the darkness where you once slept.They creatures of hell all come alive tonight so no living heartbeat will stay safe tonight
    Enough of that scary stuff.Let’s go back to reality .
    Well you see the point is i don’t belive in this.I was walking home on an malevolant night:where a storm was brewing viciousily and the darkness was taking it’s toll.The spherical moon was once smiling but today it was crying with fear.My minds instinct kept indicating to turn back but every time I did felt a blanket of fear wrapped around me.The darkness was dragging me in.The velvety darkness was viciousily dragging me down.I tried to run but everytime I attempted i was being sucked in more.I wished i could escape but my muscles were being frozen like lonely and tearful ice.The tears of my hope was slowly washing away but i just wished i could live for a few more minutes.As soon as the last tear danced onto the grounds…
    A fog of a hand tightened my waist tighter and tighter,my heart danced its beats and every single mirror of dreaded nightmare came alive.AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH! If you can hear me please beware before your trapped in this bewilderness too.

    • Hello Zahra. Lovely to see you posting on here.
      I’m sure a lot of the readers of your post will be ‘stealing’ some of your wonderful figurative language [similes, metaphors, personification, alliteration].

      A very spooky piece of writing… don’t forget, I taught you everything you know 😉

      Miss ‘hope to see you on here again soon Zahra’ S

    • Oh my gosh! this story is so cool! In my next piece of writing in school (which hopefully will be about halloween) i am so going to copy that 1st paragraph it is so good zara! i hope you know who i am im Zulaikha by the way. Thanks for posting this.It is really helpful…THANK YOU! 😉 hope misss S does`nt mind……

    • Zulaikha, Miss S doesn’t mind – so long as you ‘steal’ small parts of it / adapt other parts, that will be absolutely fine.

      This is why the Whetley Blog is so amazing and beneficial for your learning at home. Not only are you writing and publishing your own work, but you are also learning and developing your writing skills from other posters too.

      Miss S

  • It was moonlit halloween evening the wind was wafting in the sky. I was walking through a forest and suddenly,something caught my eye,it was…a haunted house! It was an astonishing sight! Petrified,horrified,terrified,i began to stroll with by jaw dropped,heart beating and hands shaking.All of a sudden,the trees started to shake like crazy zombies,my heart skipped a few beats and a terrible tingle started to run down my spine from top to bottom and i stood rigid and never moved a single muscle but, then i felt determined to find out what was instore for me in there so i began to enter this paranomal place.I carefully openend the creeky,wooden door my hands started to tremble it got worse and worse! As quick as a flash i heard a booming voice saying “Who is there?” “leave now or else you will have to stay here for all alternaty!” (Paragraph 2 coming up tomorrow!)

    • It was a dark and spooky night and me and my sister,were going on a Trick-a Treat hunt because it was Halloween.We both had our baskets waiting to be filled with lots and lots of delicious treats.So,we set off into the darkness.It was very dark and very scary.”Zunaira,I’m scared,”sobbed my sister,holding my hand tightly.
      ”Don’t worry.I’m here.Your not alone,”I replied.Then,we spotted a house nearby.I thought the house was rather strange and it was cobwebbed everywhere.My sister didn’t mind what the house looked like.She just ran and knocked on the door.’Knock,knock.knock.’An old man opened the door.My sister stared at him.He gave a rather nasty look and asked,”What are you doing here?This is my house.Go away!”Me and my sister were very confused.”It’s Halloween,don’t you know,”replied my sister,who was desperate to have the treats off this man.
      ”Oh,I forgot.You children are very cute.You know,why don’t you come in and have a feast?”said the man.
      ”Yeah that will be great,”said my sister.”What about you Zunaira?Want to come?”I looked at my sister.I loved her very much and I did liked to look after her too,so I suggested,”Okay.I’ll come.”We went into the house.The man slammed the door behind us and locked it.I was shocked when I heard the door slam and the door lock.

    • At this moment, i was sick with fear and my for-head started to sweat like mad i didnt know what to do! I needed some help! I needed to get out of here but then, the door banged behind me! How would i get out of here now? Then I suprisingly spotted a door i thought it was an exit so i decided to go fully in. With my hands trembling i opened the door. As quick as a lightning scorching itself through in a midnight sky the booming voice came again saying “I told you to leave!” Who dares to mess about with me!” Now I thought i was going to stay here forever! I felt like crying! How would i ever survive? Suddenly, i felt foot steps stomping forward i needed to hide so i hid behind a gynormous,golden robe which seemed to have a sparkly shine to give a mouth watering sight. Then,all of a sudden, i saw a most ugliest creature! It had turned out toes and a poisinous wart at the end of his nose. “At last the pest has gone but how?” the person spoke. Then one of the most mind-blowing,extraodinary thing happened it was like i was entering another dimension! I saw a bright,sparkly light as bright as the scorching sun i suddenly went through it! I ended up back home! It was a magical thing i was gob-smacked at my dilemma! This was one of the most magical thing that ever happened to me! Most of all i have learened an important lesson which is: never to go in strangers house and to never wander off on my own! May this be use full to you to! (This story is for miss S, Zunaira and the rest of you all who want to read this)

    • Thank you Zulaikha for writing your wonderful story at home, in your own time. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading it and I cannot believe the progress you are making. You should be very proud of all the hard work you have shown me this half term, I am very proud of you 🙂

      I hope you are showing your family all this super writing on here too.

      Miss 😀 S

  • It was moonlit halloween evening the wind was wafting in the sky.

    • Ooooh,Zulaikha! This is a wonderful,but scary,Hallaween opener.I couldn’t have done better!
      I hope your very proud of yourself.

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