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Hunting for gold!


Rumour has it that our baby dragon and his mum are really hunting for gold! Where could this treasure be and what could they want with it?


  • i think the same because i love to find out the mystery reporter and i have one question why is he always there when the dragon comes?

  • i think the same

  • The immense, horrifying dragon with his green scaly skin was hunting for the sacred treasure.

    Legend says this treasure is hidden in the dangerous volcano. No man has ever touched the treasure, but today history would be changed. However, the dragon would face many difficulties through his journey to the treasure.

  • what if someone has gold her class because they learning about gold and eats THEM!…

  • Whetley school was built more than 100 years ago. Perhaps recent renovations have disturbed a hidden secret within the fabric of the building?

    Was the fire in the library accidental or the work of a treasure hunting dragon searching for a lost treasure trove?

    Who is the mystery blog reporter?

    Will more clues be revealed to staff and pupils to shed light on the great dragon mystery of Whetley Academy?

    What do YOU think?

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