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MyMaths Homework page


I’m delighted to see lots of children joining the MyMaths homework page at http://www.mymaths.co.uk/
However, some children are still unsure how to use it. So if you too would like to impress your teacher with your maths skills but are struggling to log on or use the website please look at the slideshow below. Use the arrows below to move through the steps and slides.


  • Shockingly,the clam,quiet cat pounced in the air and transformed in to a human being
    to teach the children. Professor Mcgonaggol instantly told them to take their books out
    straight away (the children were not unsure if this was really happening) and was told to answer these questions. Nobody spoke. The atmosphere was as quiet as a pin
    drop. “Come on”. said the professor.It was still quiet all you could hear was people breathing. Then she started to come closer to Harry Potter…..

  • Qasim! Don’t say that 🙁 It’s very easy t make ICT mistakes like that. I make them all the time – as you know when I’m trying to use the iPads in class 😳

    Miss ‘looking forward to seeing your homework Qasim’ S

  • Yes I tiped whetley academy instead of whetley on my math. Yes now I know the login yeah I can now do my home work(nerd)

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