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New writing competition


This weeks writing contest centres around some exciting footage from the Sochi Winter Olympic Games. Can you choose an Alan Peat sentence to describe this incredible jump? Who knows, you could be the next Olympic commentator!



  • Well done to everyone who posted on this picture. Yet again there were some fantastic sentences. There has been great improvements since this competition started last year and it’s lovely to see you all challenging yourselves. We have now decided the winners and they will be revealed soon. Keep an eye on the blog to find out and to see a new type of writing challenge.

  • Half determined and half nervous i felt as i was going to jump the huge,icy,slippery hill which at firts i never even creeply took a look at.i was feeling nervous:on my marks;ready to jump;to much audience around me.Quickly i stepped towards the huge,frozen jump….5….4….3…2…..1 GO!!!!!!!

  • Slowly I walked out of the changing rooms into the ring. There were over one thousand spectators watching me All eyes fixed on me. Scared, nervous, trembling, I walked with my ski kit and proudly ran up the slope and produced a front flip. The crowd erupted into cheers. I punched the sky in triumph. As the rose petals rained down at me I watched the scoreboard and waited to see what I got.

  • Nervous and contented,proud and confident,the man (Tom) from a blink of a eye hastily jumped in the to the air which felt as cold as thick ice cubes and then twisted around which could have made an ordinary person feel dissy.safely he landed on the slippery hill as the mesmerised audience clapped away and cheering saying ” go tom you can do it”.

    By Sanah 6b

  • There I was.Standing in front of a million people.The only chance I had to show my amazing talent.Swept trickled down my face.My heart thuded as I got ready. This was the last round and my team would need a amazing trick to beat the rangers.I took a deep breath and in a second I was doing it,the worlds hardest trick done by an ordinary person (me).from the outside I felt proud(but from the inside I was jumping with joy).After this I knew I could do anything and I meant anything.

  • As soon as he heard that it was his turn he said to himself ”I can do this ” .As he turned around and did the highest jump he could ever do to win this competition because he wanted to win the world cup.Then he said to himself ”I will win this match.

  • The man took an deep breath in and blew out…
    As quick as thunder he zoomed and the race began.
    He was going verry fast and zoomed , unfortuantly he was in 2nd place…
    Luckly he cheated and threw an shiny, shimering pebble at his head
    He fell and also the man went to 1st place.
    “At last” he whispered.
    He won the race.

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