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New writing competition


Charlie Brown is looking out of his window during the Christmas holidays. What can he see? What’s happening and what will he do next? Does he like the snow or is he thinking ‘Baa Humbug!’ and wishing it would go away? Try to write a story about what happens next or even just a 2A sentence to describe what you can see.

The winners will be announced when we come back after the holidays.


  • Charlie Brown looked out the window and saw a tall and frosty abominale snowman with a strechy orange nose

    • It was christmas eve when Charlie brown woke up and got dressed into his yellow ziggzaggy jumper.He looked out of his window hoping to see his beuatiful amazing pink daises growing in his garden.To his amazment he saw white freezing shiny snow.CHARLIE BROWN ran downstairs shouting MUM MUM its snowing.Mum said go out-side make snow angels but instead he made a snow man with a carrot nose.
      THE END

  • Charlie brown was a young,alkward child who always respected his parents.One day he had been sent to his pink,messy bedroom after he had broken the christmas borbles whilst decorating the christmas tree.As he was in his bedroom he walked closer and closer against his transparent,glassy window staring at the white,soft snow sprinkling down on to the hard,rocky ground.He decided to put on his hat, sckarf,gloves,coat and his wellies on.But,his mum stopped him from playing out because he might get badly ill.So,he ran to his bedroom and locked the door.Meanwhile,his mum had cooked the christmas dinner.Charlie could smell the lovely food that his mum makes he was not in the mood so he did`nt bother going down to eat his dinner.Tow minutes later, his mum bought his dinner.


    ONE CHRISTMAS eve night, I suddenly wake up to see what all the racket was about , i could not believe my eyes the window was filled with SNOW, i pinched myself i thought i was dreaming no it was not a dream it was real. i heard someone opened the living room scared petrified horrified i dared myself to go and investigate i crept downstairs the squeaky steps slowly but quietly opened the door i could not believe my eyes it was a world of PRESENTS i could have all the presents i COULD EVER GET,

  • That misty cloudless morning Charlie Brown peered through the glass window but all he could see was icy,cold,white snow.As if somebody just lay a white blanket in his very own back garden.Quickly he ran downstairs to go and play in the snow. But there he saw when he reached downstairs his mum siting on the dining table chair holding a letter in her hand looking really angry. Thoughts struck Charlie thinking what had he done know. Then he remembered he locked brainy Bryan in the girls toilet. ” Charlie another letter from school this is you 8th letter in a month it’s time I give you a punishment so you don’t even think about locking people in a toilet ”. mum said aggressively. ”You are not to play outside for a month.”. ”Noooooooooo”shouted Charlie Brown. Then Charlie was sent to his room and not to play in the snow.

  • Snow was sprinkling down when Charlie ran to his parents room and gave a peek through the window.Charlie was in a deep thought whilst his family were enjoying opening their christmas presents.He was not in the mood to open his presents because unfortunatly,his mother did not allow him to play out in the snow . Just then, his father came to check why charlie was’nt coming down to open his presents.”Dad why am I not allowed to play out in the snow.”Charlie asked politley.

    ”Because your mother and I do’nt want you getting hurt dear. We want you to celebrate christmas with your family inside peacfully.”His father replied.So then Charlie understood what his father had told him . Charlie excitingly went down stairs with his father to open his presents . Astonashing,intresting,shocking out of one of his presents something intimadating came out…….

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