• Its not real i can see by the video and they use 3/4 apps

  • I completely agree im extremely galant

  • Malaika- I’m glad you’re brave. We may need you to show how brave you are if the egg hatches.
    Who knows what creature the egg contains!

  • Mrs im really good at catching a dragon mrs one time I caught………A SPIDER omd OH MY DAYS EVERY BODY WAS SCARED BUT I WAS COURAGEOUS ENOUGH TO DO IT…..

  • Staff and pupils of Whetley Academy.
    After investigating the crack in the egg, I have decided that for health and safety reasons we must monitor the egg 24 hours a day. I have taken pictures and measurents of the crack in the egg and will assess this data every 6 hours. I urge all children and staff to be on their guard and ready to evacuate the building quickly if the situation changes. Thank you for your support nd reports.

  • If anyone sees the egg cracking, please report it to a senior member of staff.
    Could a fire extinguisher be kept near to the egg, just in case.
    And does anyone know how to catch a dragon?

    Mrs Gavins

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