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Persuasive products!


Class 5F have been using persuasive language to create advertisements for their own unique products. Below is a video they created independently to promote their product. They planned, wrote and filmed this using their class ipads.

Bolt from WhetleyAcademy on Vimeo.


  • i think that film was persuasive because it convinced me to buy this drink.

  • In my opinion I think you have to drink Energy because it makes you helthy.

  • I liked the vidio alot because it has actually persuaded me and my class

  • i dont like to drink fizzi drink because bubles come out

  • it was very persuasive and 4p are drinking it now .JUST KIDDIN!!well anyway the video was fab.

  • We think that Lucazed sports is brilliant because it gives you lots of power and tasts very good.

  • I am going to get my taste buds ready for that drink.

  • Wow well done 5F. I am just doing this with my class and cannot wait to share it! Have you got any advice you could give to my class?

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