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Singing for the City


We are used to singing with Mr Nowakowski at Whetley Academy, but on Saturday he sang for the whole of Bradford City at the Valley Parade football ground. He has made one of his dreams come true through hard work and dedication. Congratulations Mr Nowakowski!


  • Pranit, nice to see you are keeping up with all the news at Whetley Academy, we are all missing you in 5W. Best Wishes

  • We have talented staff at Whetley Academy!
    Ismail, I’m sure Mr Nowakowski felt nervous, but he did it anyway. I think it’s brave to do something that you are scared about.

  • Hello sir,
    How are you, I just saw this picture on the blog,
    Congratulations sir,
    I wish I was there to see this,

  • aren`t you shy

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