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Sound story


Below is a new challenge for the holidays. Listen to the sound below and try to tell the story of what’s happening. Can you use your imagination to explain what we can and can’t hear?


  • Once upon a time there was a fat man who broke out of the Chinese jail. He ran home to his gorilla. When he got home his gorilla made a big mess of peel from bananes.He tided the house and then had a shower then he went to the toilet and then he went down steras to have a snack.His chips where gone so he needid to go to the super market.

    He got in his car and drive off.Suddently,the police have found him they had a little chace and then they got him they got him back to the dirty jail, no worse…..the horrible jail

  • One day they was a gready monsters tey was eat piple

  • In the morning a man’s alarm clock somehow blows up. He goes to have a shower and then goes to the toilet. He starts to dance hip hop style. Then he eats all the crisps in the house. When he goes outside his dog starts barking. He drops a silver tin. The door bell rings. He goes downstairs, opens the door and gets the newspaper. The newspaper is dazzling.

  • One day in world war 2 a man through a bomb in a house and it blew up so he went home. Then he looked out of the window an the police was there to find the him. He went to the bath room and put on the tap then he closed the tap and ate crisps. He finished it he went out side and he went in his car and he started the car and zoomed the police found him ……

  • Band man went to the toilet then he ate a packet of crisps and his dog was barking. He was playing a game and then went on his motorbike. The police got him.then he went home and heard a noise. He said huh and then went to sleep

  • One sunny day a old , hairy man woke up he went to the toilet to wash his dirty hands. When he went to his living room he found a open packet of walkers and started gobbling them up. Then he heard a ring so he opened the door and found some news papers on the rock , solid floor. Then he sat on his couch and started reading the news paper he saw some interesting facts so he wanted to find out why they did that. He ran towards his van and darted toward the place on the news paper. When he got there he got shocked because the bomb has landed in this city .There was a loud bang the old man was dead so they took him to the hospital but they heard a beep.

  • There was a old man. He woke up had a shower went to the toilet .Started to dance he ate crisps. Got a news paper punched him in the face ran of in his car to get some crisps .He got crisps and the police caught him he went jall and but he got out.

  • Long ago lived a man called jack he had the curlyest beard ever! One early frosty morning jack alarm went made a huge beaping sound.It was so loud that he fell out of his bed.He put on his fluffy slippers,brushed his teeth and had a shower.After that, he put on his stripy trousers and his blue shirt ,then his black,shiny shoes.He ran down the stairs and had his yummy,delicious breakfast.

  • There was a young,angry man whith smooth that thought he was so popular.One day he suggested that he should run out of jail.So he ran out and got caught by the loud,noisy alarm.

  • In my opinion I think first he goes to have a shower. Then he goes down the stairs. After that he is eating crisps. Meanwhile, he walks to the door because it rings and he picks up the paper news.

  • He ran out
    He went in the
    He was scad

  • When I heard the sound I thought it was a ghost

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