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Whetley Academy Champion


It is with great pride that we congratulate Adam Hussain (6S) for becoming the Overall Champion of Exciting Writing for Bradford West. He is a regular contributor to all aspects of school life and a brilliant role model for all the children at our Academy. In the video below Adam read his incredible underwater adventure story and showed why he is a champion.

adam from Whetley Academy on Vimeo.


  • I agree with Zunaira – It was such a good story, it could be published!
    Adam, I think you are an excellent writer and a worthy champion.

  • Wow!Your story is OUTSTANDING!!!
    Feedback:I love your story.Lots of good language is used.I love the part where you said,’As I adventured deeper and deeper,it got darker and darker.’You are using repetition here.I think your story should be a book and be published to the whole world!

    • Thanks for the nice comments!!!

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