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Writing Competition


This week we would like you to write a verb, person sentence to describe this picture. Try to use a new exciting verb and think about how to engage the readertumblr_m2wkdbC0Br1qzmpuho6_r1_250


  • when I sore the horrible shadow I was so shocked.

  • when I sore the horrible shadow i ran out from the house.

  • Quickly, he turned to look at the mysterious shadow which was emerging and it was coming to him closer and closer.

  • Quickly, Jack watched the slow shadow emerge behind him and move closer and closer.

  • Terrified, as the shadow lurked out from the room besides me. I jumped. I peered from the corner of my eye as the dark and murky shadow emerged from the distance. It didn’t look like a persons shadow, it was something else that is not from this world. Maybe if I stayed quiet it wouldn’t hear me…

  • Petrified, he turned around and looked scared.

  • Shocked,terrified,perplexed Sam (the inisant,brave boy) had spotted at the corner of his eye a mysterious looking dinasaur shadow opposite him.with trembling fingers he didn’t know what to do.slowly,he crept forward like a tiny little ant would.what could this strange shadow be he wondered.

  • As soon jack (the clever boy) spot the wired looking shadow he shiverd.without a warning,the shadow stop looking directly at him. Slowly,he crept forward thinking is this adventure or danger. Desperate, he wanted to investigate further. What could this pacular shadow be? He asked himself.

  • As soon as jack (the younge boy) spotted the wired looking shadow he turned around with fear.slowly, he crept towards the shadow thinking was this adventure or danger?
    Desperate, he wanted to investigate further.

  • panicking and scared,tied and hungry,the smelly dirty boy opened the dusty he opened slowly a creaky spooky noice coming louder and louder.
    ¨who is that¨shouted the boy.

  • Panicking,that horrible sound got louder and louder but the young boy didn’t know where it was coming as it was from each corner. What could it be?

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