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Writing Competition


This week’s writing competition is about this little creature I found scurrying around in the corridor. He was very well behaved and sat calmly on the ends of my fingers before flying off. Can you tell me what you might do if you found him wandering our school? Perhaps you could use an Outside. (Inside.) sentence to include you thoughts and feelings.


  • when i reached to the school corridoors i saw a mischiveous dragon sneaking around to find some suciland delicious food. The naughty dragon was lime it looked like a lizerd .After that he peeked outside to see if eneyone was playing outside as quick as a flash he diserpeard somewere.WARNING DO NOT PLAY NEAR THE MONKEY BARS BECAUSE THE NAUGHTY DRAGON COULD RIP YOU APART.

  • Dear

    This will be the last dairy the thing I feared the most has come true, the sight of the fearless, unforgiving, horrifying dragon made my soul jump out of my body. The sight of the dragon made my blood boil in fear, I was think to my self can I save the world and be a hero or run a way and be a coward. Walking into the tunnel I thought to my self is this worth it or is isn’t the dark tunnel made me feel scared more than the dragon. Turning on my flash light as I walked to see around and I was getting closer and closer to the battle. There was to way left and right trusting my guts i took right as I closer my fleshed light turned off the fear in my body grow high, the was no way to turn around. The walk forward and I fell and cut my knee open and suddenly a bright colour of red, yellow and orange came ducking to save my life and before me there was the fearsome beast. Talking out my sword I went forward the dragon grabbed me and took me to his face, I saw my life through his eyes.

    As i tried to get out I took off his nail and he picked me up again and I knew this was over as he was going to goolp me down his through everything got darker and darker and I woke up in my bed think to myself this was all a dream.

  • As i walked into my livingroom I saw something emrald i gasped with a fright my heart was tumping as fast as a cheater.I scurried to my younger sister to tell her.Then when my sister and me came back it was breating fire i jumped on my crimson sofa i was about to scream but my sister shut my mouth and she said to me don’t scream it will get frightand. After a while my sister started stroking the dragon after 5 mintes i started stroking the dragon to but when my mum came she did not find out . On thursday when my brother and sister and mum and dad went to bed me and my sister strolled downstairs with the dragon because we decided to find the dragons parants. Finley when we got to dragon land we found the parants of the dragon we left

  • I woke up from a long sleep , thinking it was morning . I was on holiday . I rubbed my disbelieving eyes, as i just saw something greenish slither across the floor . I leaned over the bed to see ,but i couldn’t see what was there,so i slowly got up from the bed , lit a lantern and started strolling down the hallway . In the morning the hallway looked friendly and in the night it looked spooky . Just then i spotted a weeny fire breathing Dragon in the corner . I stood there in shock , terror and amazement !!!!!!!!!!!!! The room was as quiet as a pin drop . After a bit i let out a SCREAM !


  • As I strolled down the corridor I was stunned and astonished by the eyesight of a teeny weeny dragon.I stroked the dragon really gently and the tiny dragon started to breath a bit of fire.I jumped with a huge fright.The fire breathing dragon that was tiny flew up and down all around me and landed between my finger tips.

  • Iffah that is an amazing paragraph.WOW!

  • it was my last day of school and i went to the hall for my coat but I heard a loud voice coming out from the egg I think it was just a joke but the dragon came out he was black he look like friendly slowly the little dragon sat on my hand then my friends come and the dragon was gone

  • Dear,dairy

    It was as always a normal school day at whetley academy(myschool) .A day
    full of lessons and fun nothing different .My teacher called out that it was time for playtime.Everyone ran out as it was a sunny day with the sun sparkling and the sky so blue we all had a charm in us when ever it was like this.Suddenly,the sky was engulfed with ,emalgamated clouds.Slowly,my soft ears filled with a light whisp.I turned around to view a collasall scaly dragon…

  • As I walked into my classroom,I was stunned and amazed to what I saw,I saw a green,scaley baby dragon hovering around me.A few minutes later it stared at me as if I was its mother.Suddenly it flew onto my finger tips tickling them,then it croaked and it said argghh.Fire breathed out of its mouth burning Mrs Kaushal’s carpet and flew through the window.I thought for a while thinking it was horrible.(But inside however it was cute).

  • As I quietly stood in the enchanted, emerald forest, I was stunned by the beauty of the wonderful scene which was in front of my weak eyes.
    I was engulfed by green,moist leaves some flying gently around me and some crunching beneath my feet.
    In the distance I could hear the chirping,yearning calls of innocent, heartbroken baby pigeons craving for their one and only prey.
    As I went ahead to quench the pigeons desires, I caught a glimpse of a Khaki coloured dragon roaming around the creepy, spine-tingling forest. My heart skipped a beat. As I was now half out-of-sense I couldn’t see its real features clearly.
    Eyes widened, adrenaline pumping and heart pounding, I gently and ever so slightly lifted the exotic dragon keeping in mind not to hurt it, also hoping that it would not spit out its bright, scorching fire onto me.
    Out of amazement the dragon started to talk to me…
    And at that moment the school bell rang. It was time to go home

  • Zakera I loved the paragraph you wrote its a good piece you might win.WELL DONE!!!!

  • While I walked out of my classroom to go to the toilet I could hear squeaky noises and flapping,I went to investigate what it could be,and to my surprise I couldn’t believe what I saw it was a baby dragon with small,webbed feet,wide,patterned wings,thin,tiny claws and a long,spikey tail.I couldn’t believe my eyes that it was a dragon,I rubbed my eyes in case I was dreaming but I was not.Then it swished its tail and landed beside my feet.It smiled strongly and the smile it gave me was comforting and quite familiar.A few seconds later it touched me as if it wanted to play tig,so I played for a while until,it went swish and then was never seen…..

  • Thank you very much it’s very kind of you alishba

  • While I walked out of the classroom I saw a small figure that had spikes sticking out of is back,then I noticed it was a baby dragon flying around trying to burn everything in the hall.Suddenly it flew onto my shoulder making weird noises like a baby screaming for help.I was standing in the hall:staring at the dragon;feeling amused;touching its rough skin.I watched, thinking as if was disgusting .(But inside however it looked more or less cute).After a while I felt petrified and a shiver ran down my spine;not an ordinary shiver,a shiver that I had never felt before.I wondered where it would go and all of a sudden in front of my eyes was not a baby dragon…..It was a mystery for me…

  • Miss sayer I am siddiqah and I want to tell you that the sentence I wrote which has no full stop in the end of it, I am going to rewrite it because I didn’t finish it off and i accidently posted it.Is that ok.

  • While I walked out of the classroom l saw a small figure that had spikes sticking out of is back,then I noticed it was a baby dragon flying around trying to burn everything in the hall.Suddenly it flew onto my shoulder making weird noises

  • Amazing paragraph Zakera!

  • Confused,troubled,worried I walked out of 6B(my classroom)and I saw flames sprinkling from the ground and a baby dragon flying about trying to burn the coridoor.Luckily it saw me and it jumped with a little screech.It looked dark green with mesmerising patterns on its spikey back.Suddenly it jumped onto my shoulder as if it was my pet.Then it made a loud screech again;not an ordinary screech,one that I have never heard before.After a while it flew out of the window and it was never seen again…

  • It was my first day at my new school (Whetley academy). I was scared and nervous to be honest I had mixed emotions . I was also quite excited, petrified because of the fact that I may get bullied at my new academy the way I look, the culture I come from, my mentality etc.
    1 girl in my class was talking to me regarding a scary scaly looking dragon she had caught sight of roaming around the school not far from its boundaries.
    I was terrified at this source of news that I had just heard. I was willing to call my brother but on the other hand was scared that the pupils of the academy may call me a baby.
    The bell rang for lunch, I didn’t know where the canteen was situated I was longing for a nice fellow to come and tell me where it was but no one was to be seen. I ran to a staff which I just saw walking towards the big playground and enquired her regarding the canteen. The graceful dinner lady escorted me to the canteen and seated me on a bright blood coloured table the like which would be really rare to find.
    I was sitting by myself on my table hoping that the promise the lady had made me would come true that, people would come and sit next to me giving me comfort and also persuading me to trust her. Thereafter she had disappeared.
    Lonely and sadly I took the handle of my lunchbox just imagining what if the dragon was in my packed lunch .
    Slowly and gently I opened my packed lunch ever so slightly and then a bit more and a bit more, wishing hard that I don’t find a dragon. I opened my packed lunch fully, my imaginations had lied…
    I screamed so loud that the whole canteen shattered. A teacher hurried and came towards me. My eyesight was fixed on the khaki coloured dragon, she smiled and took it on her hand.

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