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Writing competition


Look at the picture below. Where are the men going and what is about to happen to them? The best narratives or descriptions will receive a prize and there will be an extra reward for the best ‘ed’ sentence too.


  • i like that story

  • once there was a dark scary day and the old man and the mother they went to massive frizing castle. it was owful and it was ice evry where but they wasent happy because the king said to them to kill the magnificant two mans and they was called speaker and the otherone was called billy and they was so strong.Interestingly the mother and the old man went to masive castle they was very very could because the wether was frizing the water was splashing around small shif . so they went inside they was looky because the billy let them inside soon they went inside the billy said to them what do you lot want here he said,the old man said we just want to talk with you and speaker please,oky l am goner call the speaker just wait here l be vrait there he said .so they waitet over there the mother said to old man can we tell them yes said the old man, bequaid they coming dont panic he said , so they camed in.the speaker was shoked because he never saw them in the masive hot castle , so they all sat down the speaker said what do you want he said with the blue eys…… the billy l think they want to tell some think to us comon you two tell us ,; so they said that the king said to them to kill the speaker and billy. interestingly the speaker and billy why just me and my brother he said why ,he said the end can you think what goner hapend next

  • miss Sayer
    who won the competition?
    Which class are they in?
    girl or boy?
    1 child or 2?

  • it was dark and gloomy the man and women tried had to row to get to the other sid of the iland but know they stopped the women squized her baby they were so frighend the mist pulled the boat to the rockes the waves swished all over they hands shaked there could not row anymore the man stopped and the women squized her baby even more then they saw a light house in the deep mist and it gave it light but they could not row……..

  • i hope i win 🙂

    It was a chilly moonlit winters evening, the sky was as blue as sapphires while the stars twinkled like clear crystals. The waves from the sea were gently lapping against the rocks. I was strolling across the sea shore humming to myself cheerfully. Just then the wind roared with such power that i nearly fell backwards in to the icy sea. The clouds grew dark and then out of nowhere lightning struck. The waves crashed against the rocks with such power as though they wanted to annihilate them. Terrified, frightened,abashed, I was swept up off my feet, unwillingly, letting out a ear-piercing scream. Suddenly I was falling. As i fell, from the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of a boat. CRASH I hit the ground. I winced in pain as it shot through my leg. The wind was still roaring but the lightning had stopped. slowly yet carefully I limped towards the edge of the seashore and tried to see what was inside the boat. There were 2 men crouched down trying not to get wet by he salty water. They were both wearing black rain coats and had hats on. Their boat was nothing too fancy in fact it was not fancy at all, it was a ancient rowing boat that’s paint was peeling off.The boat was rocking to and fro trying to tip the men into the icy water.

  • Zulaikha 6s
    Hi miss S here is my paragraph

    It was a darkened evening when the fog was billowing as if it was smoke.Me and my brother Billy were sailing the seas because we wanted to fulfill our dreams of becoming a famous sailor`s. However,our family is very poor and we cannot afford to buy a big boat but we didn`t take no for an answer so we made a small boat for a while. Our first target is to go to one country to the other.We sailed on the most bueatiful water ever. The crystal clear water glistened like dazzling diamond,pristine pearls and sky blue sapphires.Cold,hungry,exhausted,we sailed the sea while having absolutely full confidence in our selves hoping we would fulfill our dreams.As quick as lightning, flashing itself in the night sky something extraodinary happened! Our boat started to shake,it started to wobble like a jelly. what

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