• I had a wonderful time in Nell Bank

  • wow it looked like you all had a good time well i hope you did especially HAJARA U ROCK!!! and in addition ur always my best friend no matter what.I want u to know that i have missed u while i was in you know.
    HAJARA ROCKS and shes kind and i really hope u had a good time hajara and all 4n i really do plzzzzzz reply if u did hajara and4 N also 4P or4J

  • Wow year 4! You all look to have had an absolutely amazing time at Nell Bank. It must have been extremely exciting. We are such a lucky school to have Mrs Tolen who arranges these fantastic trips every year for you and year 6. We all learn so much from these outings, things that we could never experience in school. Was that the Crested Newt I spotted in your video, swimming around with all the wiggling tadpoles in the bucket?

    Miss ‘would love to go on the yr4 trip next year’ S

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