Feb 7, 2013 - Fun Stuff, video    6 Comments

A magical talent !


I was amazed when Patrik from 6J showed my class and me this incredible illusion and I decided it should be shared and celebrated on our blog. Whetley Academy is truly a magical place to be.


  • I started when i was 11. I practise a lot

    • So it means you have started just recently. Well done!
      Mrs Jancova

  • Patrik, it was such a big surprise for me when you showed me your tricks with cards! I am sure you have to practise a lot. It would be nice if you write on blog how often you have to practise and how old you were when you started to be interested in magic tricks. I am very proud you are in my class!

    Mrs Jancova

  • i can do this trick patrick learned me it

  • is amxing is a very goll is amaxing trig is a fantastik? magihg patrim is very magig

  • patrik was amazingthat him show the magic to the class 4P? I thing that him need to show in talent ? FROM DOMINIKA 6J

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