• I think the school meals are getting better and better each day.

    • I’m very relieved to hear that Qasim. Thanks to our school council your opinions are helping to improve our school.

  • It’s great that the Whetley School Council are getting involved in things that will actually make a difference at the school. We too would like to improve our lunchtime provision and may follow your lead. Well done.

    Mr Harrison
    Miriam Lord Primary, Bradford.

  • Thank you and well done Whetley School Council. The heads of catering were impressed with your ideas and are changing the menu because of the meeting!

  • What a fantastic interview from the school council, you really put the heads of catering through their paces. I hope they answered and managed to resolve lots of the issues around school dinners for you.

  • I didn’t know what was going to happen until i came to the nurture room. I was told that i had to read out a tiny speech to the head of the catering department. I was very nervous!

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