• This report makes me proud to be a member of this wonderful diverse school! Well done!

  • Well done to everybody involved in this, the questions were fantastic, you really put the workers on the spot!

  • I would like to say what a fantastic job Mohib and Nimra have done…………..well done both of you………………………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Oh My Days!!!

    What does one say about this amazing film? We have 4 outstanding reports in our school and they did a superb job interviewing everyone at the the skate part. Well done to you all. You all asked excellent questions that got everyone talking and answering with a lot of detail. So much so that I have learnt an awful lot about construction and skating by watching the video.
    Haven’t we got talented builders building the park also? Champion skaters, opera singers…WOW!

    Mohib…have you never seen me and Mrs G skating around the car park at lunch-time? 😉

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