As we are having Slovakia Day on Friday this week, I wanted to share this video with you so you could see some of the amazing sights from this beautiful country.

Remember the colours of the Slovakian flag are blue, red and white if you want to come dressed up on Friday!


  • Slovakia is the huge country because is a beautiful country.

  • I was very pleased with Jozef’s perfomance,his playing and singing.He made me happy.

  • I enjoyed drawing for Slovakia Day.We drew castle,churches and mountains.

  • slovakia is beautiful country .I love Slovakia because I was born in Michalovce.

  • I really enjoyed Slovakia day, because that’s where I was born. We celebrated by doing lots of Slovakian artwork.

  • That clip was amazing. WOW.

  • the castles are very nice

  • I must put Slovakia on my list of holiday places to visit – beautiful country

    • i agree with mrs Rehman

    • i agree with u mrs rehman

  • what a fantastic movie! :d

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