• if there is a young child and he is looking after his mother barnardos can help

  • nice to help to mum and father

  • nice to you to help barndors

  • I help my mum TO WASH DISHES

  • This video is the best video ever.


  • I agree iqra 6s i think barnados is the best charity! Barnados is the best to help the young carers .

  • I love the video of Daniel.

  • I think Banardo are doing the right thing by helping young carers and people with disabilatys.

  • its so sad but the best thing is he got help in the end so its true barnados does help youngsters

  • I loved the video about David and I felt sorry for him until he went to Barnardo’s plus it also made me think.

  • id know how id feel it that was me barnados is changing peoples lifes in a good posative way

  • I think barnado’s did the right thing by helping people like David.Whos going to win the teady bear, wait and see!

    • That’s true Iqra banardo is really helping plus i can’t wait who’s going to get the teddy bear good luck every body.

  • People should really donate some money to barnardo’s.I might once we get those letters.That video that we saw at school was about David a young carer,and barnardo’s helped him allot.

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